Saturday, August 30, 2008

Week 2: New Windows, New Cedar Columns, New Arches in the House

The new back patio doors and windows!

The New framing for the doors to the study.

The new wider entrance to the living areas

The formal living looking into the dining (widers arches lead into all the rooms now).

The Kitchen and family room now open to the formal living...

This is where it starts getting fun!! We are building now ...

Demolition Time - Week 1

Bathroom #2

This is standing in the family room looking at the laundry room and dining room.

This is standing on the edge of the kitchen looking at the formal living room.

This is standing in the formal living room looking into the family room.

This is standing in the formal living looking at the entryway and the study.

Bathroom #1

The carport is now gone in front of the garage!! Yeah!

The Dumpster we had to rent!

The back porch knocked down.

The bricks from the Family room brick wall.

Standing in the family room looking at the kitchen.

More 1950s styled house Pictures ...

The Family Room. Notice the bricks in the right corner, you will get a taste of more further down. The kitchen is straight ahead.

The Family Room Brick wall. The Kitchen in the background, and through that door to the right of the Kitchen, is the laundry room, and to the right of the laundry room is the Dining room. On the other side of the Brick wall is the formal living.

The kitchen ... lovin the blue speckled formica! Look at that stove!

The hinges on the cabinets I am using in my renovated house ... just kidding!

This stove doesn't even hold a turkey!

Get excited for the construction pictures to come!!

Pre-Construction Photos

You will not believe the way this house looked on the inside:

The Front of the House

The Front Porch

The Entry way (I am standing in the formal living room)

The Formal Living Room (I am standing in the Dining Room)

The Family Room looking into the Kitchen

More to come ...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

We have purchased our first home

We did it!

After 8 years of living in apartments, we plunged in, and purchased our first home. We are so excited, and have seen God's hand already in the process of the purchase.
It all started March of this year, with our friend's Dwayne and Dawn Bohac and their 4 kids. Dawn is a part of Daughters of Liberty with me (Megan), and they go to Second Baptist, where Brian and I have started attending. I had expressed to Dawn, that Brian and I really wanted to live in the same part of Houston they did, an area called Spring Branch.

It is a sought after neighborhood that is located off of I-10 mintutes from downtown Houston. It has a great school district Spring Branch ISD (which is independent of HISD), beautiful trees, huge lots, close to shopping, wonderful restaurants and the arts, and has a great family feel.

Most of the homes in Spring Branch were built in the 50s-60s, but in the last 5 years many have been reinvated or torn down to use the large lot size for building bigger newer homes.

Immediately Dawn knew of a house that was not yet for sale right across the street from them, but she knew it would be on the market soon, and priced real low, because it was already vacant and needed some renovation. So she said if we were interested we would need to act fast.
So Brian and I went and looked at the house, and I LOVED it, but Brian did not feel the same way. The floorplan was just what I wanted, but the house was in rare form, it still had all the original 50s fixtures, appliances, and it smelled! But I could see the potential. Now I just needed to convince Brian that the potential was actually there.

I didn't do a good job. He said no! So instead we got a realtor and for the next 2 months, started looking at houses all over the place.

What we realized in those months was that Spring Branch really was the place to see instant equity in your home, and a great place to raise a family. And Brian slowly started realizing that if we could get that home across the street from the Bohacs for that great deal, and renovate it the way we wanted, we would be getting a steal of a deal!

So after months of looking elsewhere, we went back to the Bohacs, and said we were interested again. They said that three offers had been placed on the house in the past few months, and that one of the offers had been accepted. We were so bummed!

I especially had to control my emotions. I knew I had wanted that house from the beginning, and I felt because we had acted so slow, we had missed out on a great opportunity.

Brian kept telling me that we still made the right decision, that it wouldn't have been good to rush into purchasing our first home, and that the right home will come along eventually. I didn't know if I believed him!

A few hours later, I received this text message from Dawn, "Megan, Call me or Dwayne asap. The house is available!!! God is opening a door." That was May 9, 2008.

What happened was Dwayne felt he should just double check and make sure that the house had actually sold, and that everything was final with the contract. When he did, he found out it wasn't!

Brian and I couldn't believe it! Brian quickly wrote up the contract and got all the paperwork together, and on May 11, 2008 the house was ours! We were now officially home owners of
9211 Rangely Road!
Let the work begin!
We now had a long renovation road ahead of us.