Friday, September 19, 2008

Hurricane IKE!!

So ... We never would have imagined in a million years that we would have had to prepare for TWO hurricanes through the process of remodeling our home ... but I guess living in Houston I need to get used to that!

Even though we didn't really need to prepare for Hurricane Gustav, Ike on the other hand needed to be prepared for.

This was a killer storm, and so we thank God that we are safe, our family and friends are safe, and that our home did not sustain any damage.

I was out of town during the storm, but Brian was awake and in Houston during it, and has some great footage that I will try to get on this site.

Below is a picure of what DID happen to our house ... it looks like we lost the tops of both of our tress out front and may need to cut one (the Magnolia) down. But those big limbs missed our roof and windows, so all looks well. We havn't been inside yet ... so time will tell.

The picture is a little deceiving ... the limbs just look like little pieces of broccoli, but they are huge, and Brian can't move most of them ... they go all the way up to our roof!!

We will update more soon. Much Love - M&B

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Brian's Video ...

He didn't talk the whole time he was filming ... haha

Monday, September 1, 2008

Preparing for Hurricane Gustav

Brian and I felt the need to prepare for Hurricane Gustav today, and so we drove all the way from The Woodlands to our House, and closed all the windows, moved pieces of debris and ply-wood into the trash. Brian hauled bags of cement in front of the doors that didn't have locks yet so they wouldn't fly open due to high winds. Brian also rigged up a string pulley sort of device over the back door for double safety so it wouldn't fly open.

Needless to say, the storm never came, and after looking at the inside of our house it already looked like a hurricane had hit it, so I don't know what we were trying to save it from!!

On a more fun note, the number block for the front of the house was put in place. Take a look: