Saturday, September 12, 2009

Beautiful Yard!

So after our initial planting when we moved in months ago, we haven't done a whole lot except water the yard and flower beds. And even watering we killed quite a few of the Rosemary plants in our front bed, and we felt very discouraged. So last Sunday was yard day!

We put on our yard working clothes, plugged the iPod speakers up, and went to work! After hunting at Houston Garden Center for a couple of hours we found the plants we thought were most beautiful, and could withstand the amount of sun that our yard would give them. The best part is that everything was on sale!
So we pulled up the Rosemary that was still alive, and planted it in a pot that would give it more sun...

Brian's mom had a plant that she gave us, so we planted it, in the pot that matched... Both these pots sit on our back porch beside our French doors.

Then where the Rosemary had been, we planted the coolest plants (I think) :) I liked the contrasting purplish-green plants, and the light grey plant. They line our front porch:
I think it looks wonderful!

I even moved our pretty rose bush from Mr. and Mrs. McNally to the right side of our garage door, and it will get the sun and rain it needs: