Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Why it took us 3 months to move in-

We decided that the kitchen was too '80s for us!
So we updated:

  • The cabinets from blond wood to black (new fixtures)
  • White counter tops to Granite
  • Tile back splash to Travertine back splash
  • Porcelain white sink divided to a black unmount trough (new fixtures)
  • Tile floor to Travertine (thanks to Brian's hard work)
  • Sunny yellow walls to a neutral
  • Changed the trash compactor to a wine fridge
  • Updated the appliances
Check it out!


Sunny yellow walls, and chandelier:

As you can see below, the chandelier has not been changed yet ... still trying to find the perfect one.  If you find one for me, send me a message with the URL link, thanks!

Before, tile floors:

After, travertine:

It was nice to have the kitchen finished when we moved it, but there are still more rooms to go!  At least this kitchen has seen and fed many people.  Two Thanksgivings in a row now (2010 and 2011) this kitchen has fed more than 20 people each year!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Dallas We Have Arrived...

Ok so this may be a year and a few months overdue (or more), since that is how long we have been in Dallas now; however as I look at the last post, that was the day after my 28th birthday, and I am now 2 months into being 30!  So I am in a huge way overdue in posting to this blog.


Mainly due to the fact, that this blog was called "Home on the Rangely" and I was using this platform to highlight my down to the bone remodel of my home in Houston, and when we sold it to a great couple- who ended up knowing all of our friends (I am sure I will blog about them later), I wasn't quite sure what to post on here.  What would be interesting?  I have no more remodel pictures.  Maybe none of this.

Also I have been extremely busy; with nothing in particular, just life.  No kids or anything.  It takes me about a year to become myself again, I have decided, after a move.  I never admit that to any one, but there is so much more to get in order then just your house during a move.  And since 2005, I have moved every 6 months until moving to Dallas, and landing on Krohn Court (I have lived here now since July 2010).  I have decided to keep the name of my blog the same, and the content fairly consistent with before- but moving forward, as I move, and life changes, I will just become Home on the Rangely of where ever I am!

I have a feeling Dallas will not be my last stop.  So needless to say, I am back.  We will see how consistently.  I do have major before/after pictures of this house on Krohn.  I did not take it to the studs, but it has been a room by room, slow project by slow project, grass getting laid twice, kind of house ... and if you stay with me, you will see ...
Front Door prior to Purchase
Black Door after Purchase (fuzzy- with my phone)

Super Bowl 2011 Snow Day ... Black Door open, so anyone can come visit!