Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Why it took us 3 months to move in-

We decided that the kitchen was too '80s for us!
So we updated:

  • The cabinets from blond wood to black (new fixtures)
  • White counter tops to Granite
  • Tile back splash to Travertine back splash
  • Porcelain white sink divided to a black unmount trough (new fixtures)
  • Tile floor to Travertine (thanks to Brian's hard work)
  • Sunny yellow walls to a neutral
  • Changed the trash compactor to a wine fridge
  • Updated the appliances
Check it out!


Sunny yellow walls, and chandelier:

As you can see below, the chandelier has not been changed yet ... still trying to find the perfect one.  If you find one for me, send me a message with the URL link, thanks!

Before, tile floors:

After, travertine:

It was nice to have the kitchen finished when we moved it, but there are still more rooms to go!  At least this kitchen has seen and fed many people.  Two Thanksgivings in a row now (2010 and 2011) this kitchen has fed more than 20 people each year!

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