Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bathroom Tub Overhaul ...

So the project that we just completed at our house, is a tub to shower makeover!  I have received mixed reviews on this, and it is obvious who is a bath tub lover versus a shower lover ... it is kind of like mayo, you either love it or hate it, and everyone has their reasons why.

My reason for this conversion is this bathroom serves 2 of our guest bedrooms, and I felt bad making our guests always bathe versus shower, and so I decided prior to Thanksgiving when my house was going to fill with guests, I needed to get this done!


Oh and I forgot to mention that the walls were yellow and white striped and clouds were painted on the ceiling, and there were these "princess-y" looking shelves that went around the tub - HIDEOUS!  So the tub and princess-y shelves have come down, and the walls have been primed (so the stripes are gone), but I now need to get the walls textured, and then painted!  So much work, for such a little room ...



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Erin said...

Both the bathroom and kitchen are beautiful! Miss y'all! :)